E.S.M.O.C. El Shaddai Mission Outreach Center

Project Name : E.S.M.O.C. El Shaddai Mission Outreach Center Category : Community
Seeking Fund : NLA 100,000.00 People Funded : USD 0.00
Days to Go : 857 days Associate Funds : NLA 0.00

Project Description

This Community Development Corporation's mission is to empower, support and motivate the disadvantaged and disabled through the development of programs, services and community development initiatives that improve the overall well-being of the residents of Uptown/North Memphis, Tennessee. Our mission is based on the premise that all services provided will drastically increase the quality of life, lower unemployment levels, provide decent and affordable housing for all residents and serve as an incentive for new residents, economic growth and community development.
ESMOC Inc. CDC was founded by Reverend Catherine F. Jones in 1996. ESMOC was birthed out of love for the community and strong family values. During these past 15+ years, ESMOC has gained experience and insight into addressing the many needs, wants and concerns of the neighborhood residents and community of North Memphis.
ESMOC continues to endeavor into new projects for the community while still providing core programs such as individual counseling, clothing, food outreach, life-skills training, support services for the homeless and mentally challenged and job placement.
ESMOC's current goals for 2012 - 2013 will include personal and family financial restoration training, single family homes and commercial property development in North Memphis.