Project Name : TOP GENETICS Category : Animals
Seeking Fund : NLA 50,000,000.00 People Funded : USD 5.00
Days to Go : 1 days Associate Funds : NLA 5.00

Project Description

Top Genetics is a project aimed at the preservation and enhancement, through selective breeding processes, of the best genetic plains game animals in Southern Africa.

Hunting pressure over the centuries, where every hunter always wanted to shoot the biggest trophy, have decimated top genetic game to the extent that it is today difficult to find 40" buffalo bulls in the wild and many species is on the brink of extinction.

The project will be based in Mpumalanga province of South Africa where the velt comprise of the ideal mix of sweet grass and shrubs to sustain Cape Buffalo, Sable Antelope, Roan Antelope, Rhinoceros and other high value rare game.

The project is co-ordinated by one of South Africas leading large animal veterinarians who have developed artificial insemination processes whereby the ovaries of top genetic female animals is harvested and impregnated with semen of top genetic male animals. The impregnated ovaries is then implanted in lesser quality females who act as incubators for the top genetic animals offspring. In the process a single top genetic female could have a number of offspring from carefully seleted diiferent males in one season as opposed to having one offspring her self.

Through this process and by the use of carefully selected gene pools for cross breeding purposes herds of animals comprising of the best genetic material available today can be bred fast. These animals will be sold off the nature reserves and private reserves to enhance the genetic material of animals present in those reserves.

Your contribution will go a long way in the roll out of this critically needed program which is capital intensive due to the extent of land required to make the project a success being not less than 3,000 hectare.

We thank for taking time to have read about our project.